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Which ink is appropriate for which ribbon width?

We have the right ink for every ribbon width:

  • Use our 30 mm x 55m for 10-, 16-, and 20-mm Satin;
  • Use 50 mm x 30 m for 40 mm Satin;
  • Use our 80 mm x 30 metres for 70 mm Satin;
  • Use our 110 mm x 30 m for 100 mm Satin.

There is no issue with making use of larger ink sizes for smaller satins.

Can I purchase ink or satin elsewhere?

You can purchase alternative ink and satin to use in your PIY RIBBONS printer. However, we cannot offer you a complete warranty. Send us samples so we can conduct tests and possibly approve the satin.

Am I required to use PIY RIBBONS ink and satins? 

You are not required to use our inks or satin ribbons. However, the warranty will lapse if you do not use our ink/satin. Our ink and satin have been thoroughly tested and are 100% compatible with our PIY RIBBONS printers and special PIY RIBBONS cutting device.

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