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The green lights are blinking. What do I need to do? 

Check to see if the Satin/Ink is properly installed. Check that the sensor is properly positioned. Check that the ink station is properly closed. Check that the ink holders are properly installed. Please refer to the Quick Start manual for photos. Examine the platen roller for cleanliness. If not, please use a dry cloth to clean. PIY RIBBONS maintenance products (Cleaning Tissues/Cleaning Swab/Cleaning Pen) can also be used.

What do I do if the inside of the printer or the printhead is dirty?

Clean this with a dry cloth. You can also use the PIY RIBBONS maintenance products (Cleaning Tissues/Cleaning Swab/Cleaning Pen).   

Which temperature do I need to use for printing?

The optimal printing temperature for matt gold or black ink is 11 degrees. The ideal temperature for glossy inks is 13 degrees. It is possible that you will require a temperature one degree below or above the recommended temperature. This is dependent on the surrounding temperature.

Ink adheres to the satin ribbon. What do I need to do?

The cause is likely a printing temperature that is set too high. The ideal temperature for matte gold and black ink is 11 degrees. 13 degrees is the optimal temperature for glossy inks.

Is the ink still adhered to the satin ribbon? Reduce the printer’s temperature one degree at a time. Take notice! The printer needs to cool the printhead for a while.

The satin ribbon or ink is wound around the black rubber roll. What should I do?

The printer’s black rubber roller is known as the platen roller. This roller is constructed from rubber. Occasionally, after intensive use, ink fragments will adhere to the platen roller. Use a damp cloth or our PIY RIBBONS maintenance products (Cleaning Tissues/Cleaning Swab/Cleaning Pen) to clean the rubber platen roller.

The ink ribbon has ripped. What should I do?

Get the Ink ribbons and tape it together with some (transparent) tape. 

The ink holders do not roll / the ink breaks. What should I do?

Verify that the Ink is installed properly. Refer to the Quick Start for the correct method of Ink installation. If the ink holders still do not roll or if the ink still breaks, please send images of the interior of the printer and the printhead to

The printer does not eject the satin ribbon. What should I do?

Verify that the ink is properly inserted. Please watch the video instructions. You can find the video here, or you can use our Quick Start manual for proper installation.

What is the maximum length I can print in one go?

The maximum length the printer is capable of printing is 2.20 metres. Would you like to print a longer than 2.20-meter satin ribbon? Turn off the tablet’s cutting function.

The satin ribbon is not fully cut / does not go through the cutter. What do I need to do?  

Please take photos the insides of the printer and cutter and email them to We are happy to help you!

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