“The personal touch to every gift”

Add a stunning finishing touch to any product by printing personalized ribbons using the PIY RIBBONS Startkit!

PIY RIBBONS works together with well-known end-users in various luxurious market segments

We are very proud to be supplier to various super delicious ánd tasty Chocolate Brands, very exclusive Wine Brands, super beautiful ánd shiny Jewellery Brands, wonderful smelling Perfume Brands, all kind of different luxurious giftshops, funeral homes, flower shops and young & vibrant organizations which organize festivities.

The wonderful thing about our PIY RIBBONS products is that you can make your own beautiful personalized satins or you can let your customers make them themselves! You can add the personalized satins as decoration to the luxurious packaging of your beautiful products or you can sell them to your customers for a small fee so that you can gain back your investment.

The personalized satin ribbons are a lasting memory

Not only during the festivities but throughout the whole year, your products will be recognized ánd remembered for this special personal touch. The personalized satins are an everlasting memory of your products, which is extremely important for your notoriety!

Customers using our PIY RIBBONS products informed us that they have achieved without much effort a lot of new business which has generated a lot of extra income. PIY RIBBONS will show you on our Social Media the endless possibilities of how to create and use personalized satins.



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