Hey! I am Angelika. I am a field sales representative for PIY RIBBONS. Why? Because I love the PIY RIBBONS products. I love to travel, and I like meeting new people. I am sure I can tempt you to give your products a more “personal touch”. I hope to speak to you soon and possibly even meet you for a live demonstration.

Back office / sales

My name is Twan and I work for PIY RIBBONS. I am involved with the Sales office staff. My role involves sales, customer service, calling customers, administrative matters, processing orders and everything that comes with it.

Technical assistant

My name is Matt and I am a trainee junior account manager. I work for PIY RIBBONS alongside my studies in school. I am an all-rounder and help where I can, I perform technical maintenance on the printers and install the software on the tablets. In short, I make the PIY RIBBONS Startkit ready to go!

Administrative assistant

Hello, my name is Juliëtte. I am employed by PIY RIBBONS. I write the manuals and other instruction forms so you can get the best out of your PIY RIBBONS products! In addition, I also take care of the PIY RIBBONS website. Nice to meet you.

Sales / content editor

Hi, my name is Glenn and I work for PIY RIBBONS. I mainly do telephone sales. I create animations and videos for Social media. I also make sure that photos are made to look their very best.  No two days are the same and it is a lot of fun to do.

Warehouse manager / Helpdesk

Hey! My name is Elma and I work in the PIY RIBBONS warehouse. I make sure that everything in the warehouse is in order and that all orders are shipped. In addition, I will be your contact for helpdesk questions.


My name is Désirée and I have the pleasure to lead this young and dynamic PIY RIBBONS team. PIY RIBBONS has become a household name among an ever-growing group of users in both niche and luxury gift market segments.

This fantastic team is “at your service”!