Hey! I am Angelika. I am a field sales representative for PIY RIBBONS. Why? Because I love the PIY RIBBONS products. I love to travel, and I like meeting new people. I am sure I can tempt you to give your products a more “personal touch”. I hope to speak to you soon and possibly even meet you for a live demonstration.

Back-office / sales

My name is Twan and I work for PIY RIBBONS. I am involved with the Sales office staff. My role involves sales, customer service, calling customers, administrative matters, processing orders and everything that comes with it.


Technical assistant

My name is Jim. I perform technical maintenance on the printers we supply and install the associated software on your PC or tablet. If you have concluded a maintenance contract with us, I will make an appointment once a year to visit you for preventive maintenance on your printer and the installation of the latest software update. This is how I make sure everything stays up & running!

Administrative assistant

Hello, my name is Juliëtte. I am employed by PIY RIBBONS. I write the manuals and other instruction forms so you can get the best out of your PIY RIBBONS products! In addition, I also take care of the PIY RIBBONS website. Nice to meet you.


Sales / content editor

Hi, my name is Glenn and I work for PIY RIBBONS. I mainly do telephone sales. I create animations and videos for Social media. I also make sure that photos are made to look their very best.  No two days are the same and it is a lot of fun to do.

Back-office employee

Hi, my name is Elma. I work for PIY Ribbons as a back-office employee.

My day is filled with administrative work, among other things, and I also assist where necessary. This makes every day different.


Allround employee

My name is Ruud and I work at PIY RIBBONS as an all-round employee. The work is really great fun, for example I do the orders, purchasing and programming of our tablets & printers every day.

I do my job with great pleasure and I am happy to be of service to you!


My name is Désirée and I have the pleasure to lead this young and dynamic PIY RIBBONS team. PIY RIBBONS has become a household name among an ever-growing group of users in both niche and luxury gift market segments.

This fantastic team is “at your service”!