How Mondelez WTR uses PIY for personalisation
12 July 2023
How Mondelez WTR uses PIY for personalisation
12 July 2023

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Enhancing floral designs and customer loyalty with satin ribbons

Create beautiful and memorable experiences for your customers

In this blog post, we will explore how you can utilise both personalised and unprinted satin ribbons to enhance their floral designs and foster strong relationships with your customers.

Adding a personal touch to your floral arrangements can go a long way towards building customer loyalty and setting yourself apart from the competition. One versatile and elegant option for decoration is the use of satin ribbons.

Make any floral arrangement even more personal

Personalisation has become a significant trend in gifting, as it allows individuals to express their emotions in a more heartfelt and thoughtful way.

Personalised satin ribbons provide the perfect opportunity for florists to create a lasting emotional connection with their customers. By adding names, special dates, or heartfelt messages to the ribbons, you give customers the chance to customise their floral gifts and make them truly unique. These personalised touches make recipients feel valued and appreciated, forging a deeper bond between customers and yourself.

In addition to enhancing floral designs, satin ribbons can also serve as a branding tool for florists. By printing your business's logo, name, or tagline onto the ribbons, you create a visual representation of your brand. This branding opportunity not only increases your business's visibility but also helps customers recognize and remember your unique offerings. When customers see the satin ribbons with your branding, it reinforces their trust in your florist services and encourages them to choose your business for future floral needs.


Enhance your flowers with unprinted satin ribbons ✨

Flowers already have the power to convey emotion. Adding personalised satin ribbons may not always be necessary.

Our PIY single faced satin is excellent to use as unprinted decoration. Due to the matte back side of the ribbons, it is easier to use for decorating floral arrangements than double faced satin. Make any bouquet unique by experimenting with different colours and styles!

We have listed a couple of ideas to get you started with unprinted satin ribbons. 


  • Wrap flower stems. Starting below the flower heads, wrap the ribbon around the stems in a diagonal or spiral pattern. You can secure the ribbon with a small amount of floral tape glue.
  • Create bows. Form loops with pieces of satin ribbon and tie the ribbon in the middle with another piece of ribbon so that you form a nice shape with it. You can then attach this stroke to a flower arrangement or bouquet.
  •  Simply hang the ribbon on the bouquet. Attach long lengths of satin ribbon to the flower stems or above the part where you hold the bouquet. Hanging ribbon works best for long-stemmed bouquets.
  •  Wreath decoration. Place satin ribbon in floral wreaths in the form of decorative bows or loops of ribbon in their own shape. This gives your flower wreath that little bit extra!
  • Weave satin ribbon through the flowers. Create an elegant look for your bouquet by waving long strips of satin ribbon through the flowers.

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