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What do I need to do when there is no text on the satin ribbon at all? 


Check to see if the ink is installed correctly. The matt side of the matt gold and black ink should be facing outwards. The white side of the glossy inks should be facing outwards. Are you unsure whether you installed the Ink correctly? Use a sticker or your fingernail. Place the sticker on the inside of the ink and peel it off or scratch a small amount of the Ink away with your nail. Is there any ink on the sticker, or has it been scratched away? This indicates that the ink has been properly installed.

Still no text on the satin ribbon? 

  • Check if the sensor is in the middle (the two triangles should be aligned); 
  • Check if the platen roller is clean. If not: clean the platen roller with the PIY RIBBONS maintenance products (Cleaning Tissues/Cleaning Swab/Cleaning Pen). Rotate the platen roller to clean everything; 
  • Check if the Ink is installed the correct way; 
  • Check if the Ink station is closed properly; 

Refer to the Quick Start for the correct installation. 

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