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Why is the print not centred? What am I to do?


Verify that the Satin ribbon is positioned in the centre of the printer. Ensure that the Satin is rotating on the media holder (not stuck). Verify that the Satin Support is the appropriate size. Verify that the Ink is centred in the Ink holder.

Modify the printing position in the printer’s configurations:

  • Press 123 and enter your password (eee by default);
  • Select ‘Printers’.
  • Proceed to the ‘Offset’ page. With the + and – buttons, you can move the text on the Satin. Use the numbers/temperatures in the top bar for a quick check. Use for matt gold or black Ink 11 degrees and for Glossy Inks 13 degrees. Correct until the text on the satin ribbon is perfectly centred;
  • Validate the correct temperature in ‘Temp’.

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