Enhancing floral designs and customer loyalty with satin ribbons
31 May 2022

Success stories

How Mondelez WTR uses PIY for personalisation

Mondelez World Travel Retail (WTR) has been celebrated for its innovative approach to delivering delicious treats, known under brands like Cadbury and Toblerone, for over 25 years. However, it's not just about taste — this industry leader truly understands what it takes to captivate customers on every level! 🤩

With the PIY Startkit, Mondelez WTR unlocked new levels of personalisation that effortlessly integrated into their existing workflow. Each personalised satin ribbon not only enhances brand recognition but also acts as a silent ambassador, triggering emotions capable of making lasting impressions.


Personalisation at Mondelez's Sense of Place airport stores

Mondelez's delicious treats make an excellent gift for loved ones, and Mondelez knows this very well! PIY RIBBONS had the incredible opportunity to help them in taking their already delightful products to new heights through personalisation.

The collaboration between Mondelez and PIY RIBBONS all started when Mondelez wanted to offer travellers a new way to personalise treats bought for loved ones waiting for them at their destination, or to keep as a memory of their journey for themselves. They tested the PIY Startkit at some of their airport kiosks, and quickly realised that personalised satin ribbons are an excellent addition to their products, as well as an enjoyable in-store experience for their airport customers.

Their Sense of Place airport stores have been a great success for Mondelez, mainly because of the high level of personalisation they offer at these specific stores—through personalised satin ribbons, as well as other personalisation options.


Source: TR Business


Also find the PIY Startkit at Mondelez's first shop-in-shop in Amsterdam 🎉

Since May 25 2023, you can also enjoy the experience of the PIY Startkit at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.

Mondelez, as well as Schiphol Airport, hope to create even more memorable moments and unique experiences for travellers at Schiphol. At this boutique-style shop, they offer Toblerone, Milka and Oreo products, that can be decorated with a beautiful, personalised satin ribbon.

Source: DFNI Frontier 
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