With PIY RIBBONS Startkit you can personalise your satin ribbon for a stunning finishing touch to any package. A branded packaging experience shows your products in a very specific, designed way that excites customers as soon as the box or goods arrives giving them the whole gift experience.

Have your company name or logo printed onto satin ribbon for truly individual packaging solutions with our business branded satin ribbon. Our PIY RIBBONS Startkit is the perfect solution for gift wrapping jewellery boxes, jazzing up your packaging, for corporate gifting or for using on promotional materials such as gift bags at events.

Whether you wish to send a unique message with every product, improve marketing for your business, or are looking for a new point of sale opportunity, PIY RIBBONS is proving a great success in retail areas where customised gift wrapping is used to enhance the shopping experience.

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The PIY RIBBONS printing machine starterkit comprises the PIY printer (without cutter), touch-screen android tablet with stand, 20mm satin ribbon, 30 metre foil and a USB cable. The tablet is pre-programmed, for ease of use, to create totally bespoke gift wrapping and event specific satin ribbons – instantly. There’s no need for a seperate computer and no software to install.

Also available with a built-in rotary cutter.


In 15 minutes the system is ready to use, and you can start selling satin ribbons.

The built in printing software has a host of great features such as preset or customised messages, automatic message repeat function and multiple line printing. Images, logos, borders and even emojis can also be added to your message.

There’s even templates for ties & bows to suit different size boxes and gifts, that let you print a message at each end.

Satin ribbon printers are suitable for all retailers (from florist, garden centre, wine merchant or delicatessen to bookstore and perfumery), hotels & restaurants, car dealers, funeral directors, the event sector (openings, business events) and much more!

Point of Sale

  • Your customers can add the finishing touch to their gift purchases by printing their own personalised satin ribbons at the checkout.
  • Pre-defined default messages can be selected and customised from up to six different categories
  • Customers can create their own messages with text and emojis with a preset maximum length and font.
  • Advertise your business on every satin ribbon with an automatically printed logo
  • Add your own branding to the tablet with background images and colour themes
  • Easy to use templates for creating bows and ties around different products

Personalisation Service

  • For complete customisation of your customer’s satin ribbons
  • Ready to print when you are, no waiting for printer initialisation
  • Easily add text, emojis, images, unprinted spaces and borders to your customer’s design
  • Load, save edit and organise pre made satin ribbon designs
  • Add multiple printers to save repeated satin ribbon and foil changes
  • Quickly add and change print margins, repetition, font style and sizes
  • Preview your design before you send to print

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