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PIY ink

In our PIY collection, ink comes in two varieties: glossy and matte. Glossy ink is most frequently used to give a satin ribbon, and by extension the product or gift package, a more luxurious appearance, and is additionally often used for satin ribbons with other decorative purposes as well. This ink comes in a variety of colours and finishes, including red, blue, silver, rose gold and 3 types of gold. Matte ink, which is available in black and gold, is primarily used to create a more traditional appearance.

PIY ink always includes an additional one-inch core.

PIY Startkit compatibility

Every ink included in our PIY collection is highly compatible with the PIY Startkit and thus an excellent choice to start printing your own personalised ribbons using our printing solution. They are available in various sizes.

For the width of the ink ribbon, it is important to make sure that it is at least equal to the width of the satin ribbon that will be printed. The optimal length of the ink ribbon is dependent on how you intend to use the Startkit. If you plan on switching between different colours often, you will need to replace the ink ribbon more frequently and you will use less of each colour. Hence, in that case, it will be more efficient to use ink ribbons with a shorter length.

The optimal printing temperature

To ensure optimal results after switching between glossy and matte inks, it is essential to adjust the temperature at which the printer prints. When printing with matte PIY ink, you will need to set the temperature to 11°C. If you’re using a glossy ink instead, you need to set the temperature to 13°C for the best result.

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