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Plant labels

Insert labels, also referred to as plant labels, are widely used in the fields of horticulture and plant cultivation. They are convenient to use and can hold a variety of information, such as your company logo and contact information, advice on how to take care for the plant, product information and other plant-related details. Depending on the material, our plant labels can be printed or written on using a pencil or marker.

Duraflex & plastic plant labels

Our Duraflex plant labels on a roll (1.000 pcs) come in several sizes and colours (blue, yellow green orange, pink and white). Thanks to its composition as a high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the material provides superior colour fastness as well as chemical resistance. Use a thermal transfer printer to print on Duraflex plant labels or write on them using a (waterproof) marker.

We also stock white, plastic insert labels (Forta). These labels are very thin, flexible and easy to write on using a pencil or a marker.

Insert labels for plant passports

To reduce plant health risks, the use of the plant passport became obligatory within the European Union for all cuttings, seeds, plants and trees. The purpose of the plant passport is to reduce plant health risks.

While you can use an insert label for just the plant passport, you can also combine the plant passport with other data – as long as the mandatory format is clearly recognisable in its entirety and is not missing any of the required information. If you would like to combine different types of information on plant labels, it is important to place a clear separation between the pieces of information. This way, the plant passport can easily be distinguished from the other information provided on the label.

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