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Self-adhesive labels

When it comes to printing labels, self-adhesive labels are among the most common and widely used types of labels.

We have self-adhesive labels on a roll with either a permanent or removable adhesive at an affordable price. The permanent self-adhesive labels are designed to be permanently affixed to an object and cannot be removed without causing damage, while the removable self-adhesive labels, can be removed without leaving any residue behind.

Durable self-adhesive labels without minimum order quantity

The self-adhesive labels we stock are available in five variations: 100x50mm (1 row), 25x25mm (3 rows), 50x25mm (1 row), 50×25 (2 rows) and 50x50mm (2 rows). All of the label sizes that we provide come with a 76mm core.

We do not have a minimum order quantity requirement, so even if you only require one roll of white sticky labels, we are able to fulfil your order.

Save money on large orders

If you need a large quantity of white self-adhesive labels, you may be eligible for exclusive savings and discounts. Contact us to determine your eligibility: call +31 (0)78 20 55 200 or send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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