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Having your own funeral ribbon printer can be a great asset for businesses in the funeral sector. A mourning ribbon is personal and can hold immense significance for the relatives of the deceased. With our funeral ribbon printers, you can be confident that your clients will receive funeral ribbons of excellent quality, allowing them to bid their decesased loved one a dignified and personal farewell.

Which funeral ribbon printer: TSC-245 or the Citizen CL-S621?

The Citizen CL-S621 and the TSC-245 printers are both excellent options for printing funeral ribbons. While both machines will allow you to print high-quality funeral ribbons, there is a difference in how the printers are utilised. For instance, in contrast to the TSC printer, the Citizen printer allows for easier replacement of both the ink ribbon and the satin ribbon.

Refurbished printers

Are you looking for an affordable solution to print your own funeral ribbons? Then you should consider one of our refurbished funeral ribbon printers as an alternative. The printheads of our refurbished printers have been replaced and the machines have undergone a thorough inspection. They can still last for years to come and, in addition to the substantial savings, you will receive a 3-month guarantee on the machine.

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