A delicious assortment of chocolates presented in a beautiful box makes an excellent gift for any occasion.

As the product packaging for chocolates often depicts the chocolate that is contained within the box and tends to enhance the experience of opening and consuming the chocolate, it is essential for chocolatiers to give their product packaging the proper amount of attention.

Why PIY is perfect for you

Personalised chocolate makes an excellent gift for any occasion. Attract customers looking for a delicious but meaningful present. 

The best gifts always include chocolate!

You can never go wrong with a nice box of chocolates, and people love products that are ‘specially made for them’, so it is no surprise that product personalisation is extremely popular in the chocolate industry.

Using the PIY Startkit, you can personalise your chocolate products even further by printing your company’s logo on an elegant satin ribbon and allowing your customers to print their own personal message for the recipient of their gift. This means that you will be able to promote your store while at the same time adding emotional value to the products you sell.