Elevate your floral arrangements with personalised satin ribbons. Join the growing community of florists who are already enjoying the benefits of the PIY Startkit and the Memoria Startkit

Impress your customers, enhance your brand, and create a truly memorable experience with every arrangement.

Why PIY is perfect for you

Both the PIY Startkit and the Memoria Startkit have a lot to offer for florists! Print funeral ribbons in-house. Personalise and decorate any kind of floral arrangement with our smaller ribbons. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Make any floral arrangement more personal

Although a bouquet can be personal on its own in terms of its arrangement, the types of flowers it contains, and the colours used for the bouquet, your customers may still want to be able to express their feelings through the written word as well. In response to this demand, most flower shops allow you to add a personal message to your flowers using the conventional flower card, which can be attached to their floral arrangements.

By using the PIY Startkit, you can give your customers a one-of-a-kind, personal experience in product personalisation. You can let your customers type their own personal message, complete with emoji, on an elegant satin ribbon, which you can either wrap around the bouquet or simply attach to a single flower. Furthermore, unlike when using the traditional flower cards, you can promote your flower shop by including your logo on any printed ribbons.

Printing funeral ribbons

As a florist, you play a crucial role in providing comfort and support to grieving families during their time of loss. Adding personalised funeral ribbons to floral arrangements is a thoughtful gesture that can enhance the emotional impact and create a memorable tribute. 

Printing funeral ribbons in-house provides florists with several benefits, including customisation and personalisation, time efficiency, cost control, and an enhanced customer experience.

We suggest you check out the Memoria Startkit if you would like to start printing funeral ribbons yourself!