Wine & liquor

Every once in a while, many people take pleasure in treating themselves to a delicious bottle of wine or liquor. This makes this type of beverage a suitable present to give to an acquaintance, friend, coworker, or anyone else who would appreciate receiving a nice drink for a special occasion.

Why PIY is perfect for you

Using personalised ribbons for your wine or liquor gift packaging, you can create a truly tailored gifting experience for your customers. Adding names or a personal message to ribbons enhances the sentiment behind the gift and makes it even more memorable. 

Extra flair for fine wine & liquor

When you think of winery or liquor store gift packaging, it is likely that the first thing that comes to mind is a decorated wine bag or wrapping paper that has been wrapped around the bottle and finished off with a standard decorative bow. Of course, this has a nice aesthetic to it already, but you can make it even better (and personal!) by using a personalised ribbon created using the PIY Startkit!

When working behind the cash register in a retail store, you typically do not have a lot of time to wrap a present in a special way. With the help of the PIY Startkit, you are able to personalise gift packaging in a time-saving and one-of-a-kind manner.

While you are wrapping the product, your customer can print a satin ribbon featuring their own personal message, adding emotional value to their gift. You will save time, and your customers will have an enjoyable new experience, which may even encourage them to return to your store more frequently.