Shipping information

When you place an order through our website we offer you the option to enter a desired delivery date. On every product page you will find an indication of the delivery time. We do our utmost to deliver the order on or before this date. If this is not possible, we will always contact you for consultation.

Supply conditions

An order at must always be paid before delivery of the products. If you regularly place orders with piyribbons then it is possible to request a debtor number and order on account.

Delivery times

More than once we are asked about the delivery time of our starter kit and satin ribbons. Rightly so, because of course you want to give your gifts away at the right time or have them delivered. The delivery time can vary per product and also depends on a number of other factors:

• Ordering time
• Production planning
• Number of units ordered

In most cases the delivery time is somewhere between 1 and 10 working days. Do you want to know the exact options? Then please contact us. We can then immediately tell you what the options are. We always go for your desired delivery date!

Shipping costs indication

Our basic shipping rate is € 14.50 per order. It is possible that we are forced to deviate from these shipping costs. For example, when shipping has to be made by pallet, the costs for a shipment increase. The costs for shipping per pallet are € 57.50. A pallet prevents damage to the delivery and with some products this is really necessary. In addition, for large numbers, it is necessary to use a pallet. If you have a large shipment and want a statement of the shipping costs, you can request a quote. This includes the shipping costs.

Is your question not answered? Please contact us. We are happy to help you. Email: T: 078 20 55 200