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Use personalized ribbon to send a message of love with a rose. Install the PIY Ribbons Startkit and offer a decorative addition to a single rose or floral bouquet. Create an extra level of thoughtfulness and care to the person receiving the flower. To design a printed ribbon for your floral bouquet, choose PIY Ribbons and use our PIY design tool on the tablet. Contact us if you have any questions or would like assistance designing or installing your personalized flower ribbon.

Muscari Whites Florist, Bromley

‘Customers love the personalisation’ provided by PIY Ribbons, says Michelle Knibbs of Muscari Whites Florist. The Independent retailer in Bromley is the first UK florist to install a PIY (Print it Yourself) Ribbons Printer. Inside 12 weeks Muscari Whites has achieved return on investment, while adding a unique selling point for their business.

News of the ribbon printer facility has spread locally quickly and Michelle Knibbs, Proprietor of Muscari Whites has been contacted to produce personalised ribbon for all sorts of occasions. Michelle says, “I regularly receive orders with requests for personalised ribbons as well as calls from happy recipients who think it’s wonderful that their names are on their gift wrap. It’s turning out to be a great revenue stream for my business!”

Michelle has been selling personalised satin ribbons attached to hand tied bouquets of flowers at £1.50 for each ribbon. For thicker ribbons with messages on both sides of the ribbon, the price is £4.50 each. For funeral displays the florists can print named ‘In Deepest Sympathy’ messages on hard backed flower ribbons at £4.95 each. Michelle has found that personalisation is particularly important to people wanting to say ‘Goodbye’ to loved ones.

Muscari Whites now has a unique selling point, which builds customer loyalty and attracts new business through word of mouth.