Tips & Tricks

Printing Gold and Silver

For printing gold and silver it is best to increase the printing temperature by 1 or 2 degrees. This will result in a brighter and sharper print. Increasing the printing temperature is possible in the PRINTERS section in the CONFIGURATION MENU.

Temperature in the shop

A variable temperature in your shop can and will affect the printing quality. It might be neccesary to adjust the printing temperature.

Keyboard options

When holding down on a letter on the keyboard, different variations will show.

App menu password

In the CONFIGURATION MENU of the app it is possible to change the default password in the MAIN section. This password grants you access to the configuration menu and the possibility to close the app. For example, to set the Wi-Fi.

Print multiple lines

In the RIBBON DESIGN section of the app, it is possible to print multiple lines above each other. Simply add a text-block and press the keyboard icon.

Default messages

The customers in your shop will get the possibility to print default messages. These messages could be changed in the CONFIGURATION MENU. Go to the MAIN section and choose MODIFY MESSAGES.